Who Is Lori Senecal?

Lori Senecal is the CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal, and she has been known for her work in all kinds of business ventures. She has worked with companies like homeGoods, Vanguard, and even BMW. Providing clients with of utmost focus on competitive breakthroughs and new strategies, she helps plenty of brands succeed on different levels to get them to beat out their competitors. She oversees the global growth and expansion of brands. She has helped manage the more than nine international offices of the firm and strives to focus on the development of the agency. She has created a global agency that is agile and inventive, and she strives to consistently come up with new ways revolutionize her clientele’s bottom line.

Lori is a strong willed woman who has leadership skills that have changed the way so many view business and growth. Her skills are seen heavily and beautifully across the strong focus seen with the agency development and their growth. She was recognized by the Creativity Innovators of the Year to be the Agency Executives To Watch out for in 2016.

Before this role, she was the CEO and President of the MDC Partner Network. She was held responsible for the development of strategic vision and also diving in to the unique business models that would work with the agency. She strived to feel growth and collaboration with the network and the businesses. Through her leadership and skills, she helped drive a 250 person team to more than 900 people worldwide and was known for becoming the best place to work in NYC. She has worked in advertising long enough to know that her work can help build businesses and lead them to new opportunities. See: http://lorisenecalglobalceo.com/

She has spent years being in the industry and managing so many advertising spots in the nation. She continues to make change with her own firm striving to bring her clients to new heights with their business and brand. Lori is a hardworking individual who has captivated audiences worldwide with her skills and marketing that elevates them to a new level. She continues to build new strategies and find new innovative ways to improve her brand and her clients.

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