What Whitney Wolfe Herd Has In Store

After spending years developing Bumble and making it into the app that it is today it seems that Whitney Wolfe Herd has the desire to do something very different from what she was doing in the past. She is trying her best to make Bumble into an app with more than a dating focus. It’s being made into something that will give her an empire and allow her to establish her brand for many years to come. There are plenty of people out there who have tried to build their own brand but they haven’t gotten nearly as far as she has.Whitney Wolfe has made much of her success by focusing on making Bumble an app with women in mind. Too many dating apps are designing themselves in such a way that they forget to include everyone in the process.

With this app women are the ones to make the first move and that’s changing so much about how we do things. It’s turning Bumble into an app designed to have everything that we could want from an app. It gives us the ability to decide how we want our social networks to look and gives us something accordingly.You have to look far to realize just how important the work of Bumble is and why it’s going to change the way our society operates we have already seen for years dating apps take away so little from what makes people want to use them in the first place. This new approach takes away all of the things that are typically seen in the world dating apps because it changes the gender dynamics.

That approach has worked well for dating but Wolfe wants to see if it can work for other domains as well. We’re seeing this in action with the Bumble Bizz side of Bumble coming out.The future of Bumble is in our hands and what the app is going to be is going to be determined by the users. If users like what Wolfe is offering this app will expand well beyond it’s initial focus as a dating app. That’s going to be a first in the tech industry as nobody else has managed to make a similar jump from one area to the next. Whitney Wolfe is a daring entrepreneur who refuses to let herself be shortchanged when it comes to this world of influence.