What Betsy DeVos Will Remembered For

By now, every household in the United States must have known Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos has become popular with her recent appointment as the Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration. In as much as Betsy DeVos is relatively new the corridors of power in Washington, DC, she’s not a novice in the political arena. Betsy has always been active in the American politics. She is one of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party and has held various posts in the political outfit. Betsy is the daughter to one of the most seasoned entrepreneurs in the United States, Edgar Prince. Her father is the brainchild of the Prince Corporation, a company that has specialized in the distribution of car parts. Much of Betsy’s fortune has been made in the industries of manufacturing and distribution of vehicle components. Betsy DeVos was raised in the neighborhood of Holland town, Michigan. She attended a Catholic high school that imparted virtues in her. After high school, she joined the Calvin College where she studied arts.


Betsy’s star in politics and business started shining while she was in college. She volunteered in various activities, and this helped her to understand the meaning of social entrepreneurship. During her time in campus, Betsy was very active in school politics. She served as a leader of several college groups that aired students’ grievances to the administration. When Betsy joined the corporate world, she became a member of management boards of various companies and organizations. Betsy’s leadership abilities were put to the test when she was nominated as Republican Party Committee Member, a post she served diligently for five years. During George Bush’s bid for the presidency in 2002, Betsy together with her husband Dick contributed significantly to the Bush campaign.


Over the years, Betsy’s career in charity has blossomed. Her love for philanthropy has seen her traverse various states of the US to establish different courses that seek to improve the lives of many. Betsy believes that it’s time the American education sector threw all its weight and resources behind charter and choice schools. The West Michigan Aviation College is the best example of the contribution of the Betsy Family to the education system of the US. With Betsy’s new role as the cabinet secretary for education, many expect that she will deliver reforms in a sector that is very crucial to the growth of the American economy.


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