US Money Reserve Provides Timely Assistance to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey was the recent Category Four storm that devastated wide swaths of the Texas Gulf Coast Region and it hit particularly close to home for US Money Reserve which is based in the area. With their offices nearby in Austin, Beaumont, and Houston, they felt a sense of urgency to help in the aftermath and make a positive difference for those who were impacted so dramatically. Many of their customers faced material losses as well as some of their employees.

US Money Reserve partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help the thousands of displaced people with emergency funds. During the month of September, they matched donations to the organization and eventually raised a substantial amount of money. The grand total was $219,622 which will have a tremendous impact on those in need.

US Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch spoke of how close to home the storm hit and how its impact was felt by many of their customers as well as some of their employees. She also spoke of a sense of patriotism which helped inform their decision to reach out and help those who needed it. Koch had high praise for the Austin Disaster Relief Network and felt that they were privileged to work with such a fine organization.

The resources that are necessary to rebuild the ravaged areas will be enormous and recovery efforts will take some time. All the funds that were raised will go directly to the victims of Harvey and will be a substantial first step in the efforts to return to normality.

The Executive Director of the Austin Disaster Relief Network is Daniel Geraci and he highlighted US Money Reserve’s role and spoke of their generosity. He also detailed that many lives would be positively impacted by the funds raised and also praised other companies assisting in those efforts.

The power displayed by Hurricane Harvey was made even more devastating by the fact that it made landfall three times over the course of six days. It was slow moving which caused enormous amounts of rain to fall and contributed to widespread flooding. 39,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes to find higher ground.

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