TJ Maloney Leads Lincolnshire Management’s Investment In Powerhouse


Investing can be a tough game to win, but TJ Maloney makes it look pretty easy. As both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board at Lincolnshire Management, Maloney finds the key to managing money successfully is to keep his portfolio well-balanced. Chasing down today’s hottest stock can be fun, but it’s not what Maloney’s about. He takes a long-term of the markets, and he feels that successful investing just comes down to understanding the places where you are placing your capital. In other words, Maloney feels that understanding an investment is about a lot more than just looking at the numbers. Balance sheets and income statements can give managers a lot of insight, but TJ Maloney is always looking for an edge in the intangibles.

He learned the nuts and bolts of how to run a business from his father, and he is experienced with operations in several industries. Even though it would be easy for Maloney to relax his famously stringent investment criteria once in a while, he never does. The one thing he guards against is becoming overconfident in a rising market, and this helps his colleagues at Lincolnshire Management stay grounded when things are going well.

Recently, for example, Lincolnshire Management acquired a stake in Powerhouse, a growing company that provides maintenance and management services to property owners. The financial world applauded this bold move by Lincolnshire and showered praise on TJ Maloney and his team. It’s in these instances, when everybody is telling you that nothing can go wrong, that Maloney feels it’s most important to keep your feet on the ground. He holds daily meetings with his staff to review their current investment positions and make sure everybody is on the same page.

It’s often said that a corporation’s success comes down to hiring the type of talent to drive the founder’s vision forward, and Maloney couldn’t agree more. He believes that new college graduates have some of the best potential to make stellar investment managers, and he makes sure that Lincolnshire Management invests heavily in recruiting America’s most elite students.

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