The Who’s Who of the Oil and Gas Industry Turn to Matthew Fleeger, CEO of Gulf Coast Western, for Advice

Industry professionals in the gas and oil sector know Matthew Fleeger as they often come to him for advice. He has a good and solid reputation among his peers because he has been able to handle the CEO role at Gulf Coast Western with much success. GULF COAST WESTERN

Though it is a family business started by his father in the early seventies, Matt is credited for expanding it to become one of the top leaders in the oil and gas sector in the country today. The main location of Gulf Coast Western is in Dallas, TX, but they also now have several offices in many other states. Thus, Matthew Fleeger has earned a great track record for himself and even the company because of his exemplary brand of leadership.  

Because Matthew Fleeger is focused on transparency, honest dealings, and responsible growth, he and his team are able to constantly reassure their investors, partners, and clients that they are committed to giving top notch results. They take great pains to ascertain that everyone’s interests are also protected.

They are able to do this because acquisitions and expansion plans are done with careful planning. Instead of just making one-sided decisions for his own personal benefit, Matt looks at all angles and only takes calculated risks for the benefit of his stake holders.

Because of his mindset and business practices, Gulf Coast Western has been able to enjoy consistent growth throughout the past couple of years. Apart from his own knowledge and experience, Matthew Fleeger asks for the insights of his investment partners because he also believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration.


Apart from this, it is critical to note that Matthew Fleeger is not just focused on Gulf Coast. He has his own business ventures dealing with Med Solutions, known for their proper disposal of medical waste. On top of that, he also has several stalls that center on indoor tanning. It is important for Matt to never put his eggs in one basket, so diversification is a priority to him.

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