The Success of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a successful business owner who has focused on the healthcare field for the vast majority of his career. He firmly believes that the medical industry needs to change to help customers. As costs continue to increase, many people cannot afford the health coverage they need. Some people have to choose between eating food and taking pills.


Ara started working in the healthcare field early in his career. He has a degree in marketing from Florida State University. He worked as a marketing analyst for a medical company, and he quickly noticed how many opportunities there were for people to succeed.



The Cost of Pills



One of the most pervasive issues in the medical industry is the cost of prescription drugs. Some people have to take pills each day to function. The cost to manufacture the medicine is quite low. However, companies must charge more to pay for future research and development. Health insurance companies do not do an excellent job of sourcing affordable treatment options.


To make things worse, doctors generally do not offer lifestyle changes to customers. Instead, doctors prefer to prescribe medicine that may have adverse side effects. Some people end up taking multiple prescriptions to deal with all of the symptoms. In the coming years, Ara hopes that doctors focus more on prevention. You can visit his




Preventing Illness



One of the best ways to reduce costs in the medical field is to focus on preventing issues. Few people live a healthy lifestyle. Many people eat unhealthy food, and most people live a sedentary lifestyle. Ara Chackerian believes that medical costs would be significantly reduced if people would make specific lifestyle changes.


Although he has had success in his career, Ara is continuously looking for ways to improve. He reads books on various subjects to learn more about business. You can checkout for more details.


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