The Sophisticated Apartments in Brunswick by Boraie Development LLC Company

Omar Boraie is the visionary behind the Boraie Development LLC project in Brunswick. As a visionary, he foresaw his city of Brunswick as a suitable residential area in future. Omar boraie’s dream was to reconstruct the town of Brunswick similar to0 Europe. Omar’s idea finally came to an accomplishment after decades of dreams and plans. Later on between 1980 and 1990 he managed to build the first building that he named tower one, and another one much later in 2003 right next to the first one called tower two. After the two buildings, his company later built another residential apartment in the city that is 25 storeys high.

The building contained over one hundred and twenty housing units. Additionally, it had office spaces, parking garage, retail businesses, among others. Even though people did not believe it was necessary, Mr. Omar has publicly appreciated the support from the few individuals who supported him through his mission as the building came to a completion in 2007.The Real Estate Development Company specializes in urban development and is under Mr. Omar Boraie as its president. It was started in the year 1972 with hopes to reconstruct the city of Brunswick into a quality living place. The reason behind this project was to attract quality tenants and to provide convenience and style to the trendy young residents. Check out

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development is a company that offers services in urban real estate markets such as, marketing, management of properties, and sales /marketing. The company was started in the year 1972, and was opened in 1986 by President Omar Boraie. The real estate Company is private and is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie Development Company plans to build its third commercial site, near the train station in the next two years. The company’s 72-year-old president is interested in attracting innovative technologies and biological science firms that will in return benefit from the proximity to Rutgers.

According to Rutgers, the company has been through a lot of challenges since its launch, and according to Mr. Boraie, the whole project has been successful. Currently, the Boraie development company has about 35 employees and can generate revenue of about 9,279,614 a year. Boraie Investment Company has provided development to Brunswick. According to, the company has opened a new branch office at the Aspire, which comprises luxury apartments that is affordable to the residents.

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