The Rise of the Personal Businessman Nitin Khanna

From sea to shining sea, the potential of any individual is limitless. No matter where an individual is born, there is always a way forward. Nitin Khanna is an individual born from a small India village. It was a place where growth potential was limited. His family worked hard to make ends meet as best they could. However, Nitin Khanna wanted to achieve heights that were not possible under those circumstances. At the age of 17, he had all the resources to make a massive transformation. As described in a recent Digital Mode article, Nitin Khanna moved to the land of opportunity known as the United States to seek a better tomorrow.

The first step to achieving great things is securing an education. Nitin Khanna attended Purdue University, where he obtained degrees in Industrial Engineering. Just as he was wrapping up his doctorate program, the door of opportunity swung wide open. Oracle Corporation was looking for an individual to fill a senior level position. Nitin Khanna took the job and was quickly pushed into industry that was in a period of change. This was the late 1990s, when companies were transitioning towards digital based devices. As someone high up in the chain of commanded, he had to direct the changes. This experience would be the genesis of his first solo venture.

At the age of 25, Nitin Khanna soared ahead of his peers by founding Saber Corporation. This was a technological company that would help public businesses and private organization adapt to the changing times. A client would hire his team to upgrade their devices and software. This level of impact in the future of business struck a cord with Nitin Khanna, and inspired his next major venture. It was now 2009, and he was leading one of the world’s best advising companies. In this position he was able directly advise client on how to deal handle merger and acquisition deals.

Nitin Khanna recognizes that there is always a void to fill during any economic period. Consumers have demands, and an individual can easily capitalize on that massive consumer demand.

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