The OSI Group, Quality and Service

The OSI Group, a food Processing Company found in 1909, employs over 20,000 people throughout 12 countries in its 65 facilities. Beginning as a small community Meat Market in Chicago, The organization has became the premier Global Food provider for many of the world’s leading brands over the last century.

In 1955 when the first Mcdonald’s restaurant opened The OSI group, at the time known as Otto and Sons, became their first ground beef supplier and is now the primary supplier of the American Midwest network of McDonald’s. The company has a long history of embracing new strategies and cutting edge technology, with rewards like increased efficiency and a decreased global footprint outweighing the challenges associated with them.

One of McDonald’s core values is providing a consistent product in each restaurant for each individual customer, so in the 1960’s when Otto and Sons adopted a flash freezing cryogenic food processing method, quickly freezing food with nitrogen, McDonald’s dropped its over 200 ground beef suppliers throughout the country down to just 4 including Otto and Sons. In 1973 Otto and Sons opened its first food processing plant dedicated specifically to McDonald’s.

Two years later in 1975, as a rapidly growing Midwest provider for what was to be one of the greatest corporations in the world, Otto and sons changed their name to OSI industries, also known as The OSI Group. The OSI group is committed to sustainable food production, recognizing the global need for sustainable and environmentally friendly food production. In 1975 Sheldon Lavin was asked to become a partner of the group and in the early 1980s Lavin would become their CEO, partially due to McDonald’s request.

Lavin upholds the company’s strong heritage of quality and service making quality, value, streamlined processes and optimized cost his and the corporations priorities. During his time as CEO Sheldon Lavin has received many prestigious awards such as The global Visionary award, The North American Meat Institute Environmental Award, The British Safety Council’s Globe Of Honour, and The California Green Business Award. The company is on a direct trajectory for success for them and their customers.

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