The OSI Group Leads Food Industry

The OSI Group Foods exemplifies the food industry with great processed food products. Thousands of clients have latched on to their food plan model. They were one of the first to come up with a balanced food plan that meets the demands of tough restrictions set forth by federal food service regulators. They’re one of the first recipients in the food industry to win the British Food Service Council Award. OSI are proud recipients of the food service award and have said, it’s the work of their entire team. Visit their home based location in Aurora, Illinois by scheduling a tour of their facilities.

OSI International Business News

Surprisingly, the OSI Group has been able to keep an eye on several big name international food service groups. In fact, they were quickly drawn to the Flagship Europe Food Group. They were able to process their food condiments and other food service items. Flagship was a popular food industry that was sought after by many major food service providers. They didn’t disclose the amount of the deal to the public. In fact, they also have created a merger with the food service Dutch, food giants. Baho Foods will now be a part of their portfolio. Their largest food facility will process their vegetables.

Their business minded OSI Group CEO, David McDonald, also gives his time to generous humanitarian causes around the world. He has been able to find a way to sustain the lives of thousands of families around the world by creating jobs. Together, with their CEO, Sheldon Lavin, they’ve been able to create over 7,000 jobs. He also works closely with the YMCA and the United Way. He understands that business leaders need to put more effort into the community. He has also taken his job initiative around the world. Trust their team of professionals to feed you a great meal, but to also help you take care of your family with a job opportunity at the OSI Group.

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