The Lung Institute Offers a New Way to Help Patients Help Themselves

Modern medicine tends to be somewhat one sided. It’s usually a river of medical knowledge that goes in one direction. The doctors and medical researchers figure out treatments, and patients line up to receive them. Even the people involved would agree that this isn’t the optimal way to do things. Every patient is unique, and their biology reflects it. This also means that their illness will be just as unique as the person suffering from it. Combined with a serious medical condition this can present some rather worrisome complications. It’s not so much that the medical industry is happy with the state of things. It’s simply that the technology to offer up really individualized care can be incredibly difficult to implement.

One organization has made some huge strides in individualized medicine though. The Lung Institute is one of the most advanced treatment facilities which makes use of stem cells. As their name suggests, their primary focus is on lung disorders. When people face problems with their lungs they’ll usually find difficult prospects ahead of them. Lung disorders can be incredibly difficult to deal with. According to the Baylor College of Medicine experts, this is one of the reasons why the Lung Institute makes use of cutting edge technologies. Treating the most difficult disorders calls for the most advanced medicine.

The Lung Institute makes use of medicines created from the patient’s own stem cells. The process begins by harvesting stem cells from a small sample of blood or bone morrow. This is then turned into a powerful medicine that is perfectly suited to the patient. The reason it’s so suited to an individual patient is because it’s quite literally a part of his or her own body. The stem cells can be thought of as universal repair cells within the body. They essentially take orders from the surrounding area and will quickly get to work helping to repair or fortify it. The Lung Institute creates medicine from these cells which can perfectly integrate into any part of the patient. So a patient with lung problems will receive help from stem cell based medicine. This is all without any risk of rejection, because the medicine is quite literally an extension of the patient’s own internal repair system. All of this comes together to form an impressive list of success stories on Lung

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