The Evolution Of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has proven that hard work really does pay off. He seemed to have started his career off with no real plan at all, just bussing tables and bartending in ski towns when he decided to go to Columbia Law School. He believed that he would be great at lawyering but with his hard work and dedication he would reach a much higher potential. Blatt started off his career working at two different law firms in New York City, though he gained a lot of knowledge from the experience he was searching for something more suited for himself (Crunchbase).


After helping the lovely Martha Stewart buy her magazine and other businesses from Time, Inc. he impressed her enough for her to take him under her wing and hire him at day to day law firm, Grubman Indursky & Schindler. When Martha decided to take her company public in 1999 she offered Blatt opportunity to come to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and help her company in the process of going public. Over the four years he spent at Martha’s company he gained the titles of EVP, handled business affairs and oversaw the company’s business transactions, while receiving mentorship from Martha. There Blatt learned to pursue perfection in his work and that lesson has stayed with him threw his prosperous career.


In 2003 Greg Blatt moved on to a new EVP opportunity at IAC and there he received a mentorship from Barry Diller. Barry Diller’s mentorship skills have helped individuals evolve into the heads of companies such as Disney, Columbia, and even DreamWorks, so Greg Blatt knew he was in the right hands. During his time at the IAC he grew a reputation for being a hard worker and having excellent problem-solving skills. Greg Blatt’s hard work earned him the position of CEO of, two years after succeeding at that title, Diller gave his title of CEO of IAC to Blatt after seeing how well his mentee handled business. Greg Blatt started from the bottom and made his way to the top with hard work, determination and smarts and we can only expect to see more greatness from him.

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