The Development Of Ronald Fowlkes Career

Ronald Fowlkes is proud of the time period when he was a Marine. He is a graduate of the prominent Army Jump School. He additionally spent numerous years of his career in service to the St. Louis Police Department and was the leader for the SWAT group. During the period he spent as a Marine he became increasingly aware of FirstSpear. He knew they were special and remained current during his time in the military and police.


He has more than twenty years of experience and expertise in the development, design and delivery of high quality officers gear and originally enlisted in the armed services. Prior to his service with FirstSpear he gained experience at ITW as a manager of Business Development and Military Product Sales. He has additional experience as a Manager of Business.


Ronald Fowlkes uses the knowledge and experience he has gained as FirstSpear’s Director of Business Development. He uses innovative and new ways to accomplish his objectives. The vastness of his experience enables him to fully understand the importance of his company standing out within their industry.


During his time as a United States Marine he kept seeing FirstGear equipment as a part of his gear. He noticed how extremely well made and designed this equipment was and liked the durability. The gear endured many rigors and lasted extremely well. He saw the same equipment when he became a member of SWAT and decided he needed to know more. Once he found out the equipment was made in his home town he was inspired.


Ronald Fowlkes finds the balance between his work at the office and his personal activities every day. He takes his three children to school and then goes right to work. He does not work typical hours because he is responsible for a lot of international contracts. NATO represents 35 percent of the company’s business and his calls begin quite early.


His trip to work includes his first caffeinated beverage of the day. He has a preference for Mountain Dew. He lost his taste for coffee in the Marine Corps because it was a swig of water with dry Folgers crystals. He knew he needed an alternative and admits he has been hooked on Mountain Dew ever since. Once he arrives at his office he begins the day with responses to a variety of phone messages and emails. He regularly talks with his team so he gets an understanding of the activities and issues of the day. He checks the production pipeline for the large orders to ensure everything is on track.


Ronald Fowlkes is a very proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He is also a big fan of hockey and the coach for a youth league. He enjoys watching his son play whenever he has the chance.


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