The Achievements of Drew Madden’s Leadership

The health sector has been experiencing several challenges over the years, and such problems include; insufficient proficient doctors, inadequate equipment, and also the use of the traditional technology. Such scenarios are evident in the United States where the Human life expectancy was approximated to be 47 years in the 1900s, and also most of the non-profit Institutions were founded by the churches. Also, in the same place, during war people tended to die not because of the battle but due infection by other diseases. However, from the changes it is going through each day like the use of digital technologies, it can be confidently stated that it has a promising future ahead. In accomplishing this, President of the United States Barrack Obama appointed the first Chief Technology Officer by the name Aneesh Chopra who advocated for more innovations in Healthcare sector.

It has been identified that the Healthcare industry has the fewest number of Entrepreneurs as contrasted to other sectors. The reasons are that these Entrepreneurs to lack knowledge and information on how to begin or enter the market. Also, due to the high investment need in this industry, it, therefore, tends to scare them aware. Therefore with that said, several strategies have been developed to aid in making the healthcare an attractive market. Such trends include; adopting a Healthcare culture that encourages more innovations and also makes entries for new players’ easy entry in the market. Also, few prescriptions have been implemented in the Healthcare. Although the solutions are not the one being used currently in the market, they do make new generation entrepreneurs think on the same track or even much better. One of the prescriptions is the Rethinking advance care planning which has aided in reducing expenses associated with extensive medical care.

Drew Madden was enrolled in the University of Lowa where he received his undergraduate studies in B.S.E in Industrial Engineering. Immediately, after completion of his studies, he ventured the corporate to actualize his skills. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and was assigned to be serving as its president. Under his six years of tenure, the company experienced exponential growth regarding the size of the employees and clients. Also, his presence in 2012 and 2014 in the company assisted it to achieve the KLAS ranking.


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