SweetGreen Secret is Health Food and Reasonable Prices

When you walk into a Sweetgreen location you will find a menu written on a chalkboard with a list of ingredients and on the right where they came from. The restaurant sources most of its food locally from over 500 farmers. Most of the food comes from farms or companies in the state it is located.


This salad chain tries to keep this format for all its restaurants. Often when a food item comes in poor quality from local vendors the restaurants will not use it. They will tell customers it is not available. Their honesty is based on the quality of customers they attract and how they are connected to food.


They listen to the customer They have six cashless locations where most of the business is done using mobile devices. It improves the speed of their services and what customers expect from them. Co-Ceo Nathaniel Ru says the company is creating a brand that customers care for. The chain spends thousands of dollars on salads and fresh ingredients.


They offer customers a loyalty program that has concert tickets, swags and great produce. To reach the most exclusive tier of their loyalty program or black level customers must spend at least $2,500 per year. It equals to spending $50 a week eating at the chain. Entry level green status require spending $100 a year.


Each salad is made by one employee for customers and makes a complete meal. They have seasonal salads like Maketto Dinner Bowl with wild rice, roasted chicken, sesame tofu, ginger cabbage slaw, herbs, cucumbers, cashews, with chili tamari dressing. Some salads are served warm and customers can make their own.


In fact Nathaniel Ru and his friends always had trouble finding fresh salad to eat in his senior year at Georgetown University. That year his friends and he decided to started a farm to table restaurant chain called Sweetgreen’s. They approached a landlord of a tavern about the idea. She finally agreed to talk with them and saw potential in their plan.


The restaurant has chains in major cities like New York, Boston, and Washington. Its muc more than just a salad bar say Nathaniel Ru. They have a great line of juices, full meal salads, and a music festival every year. Some of the salads are strictly vegetarian and others are not. They have had musical groups play at the restaurant and offer yoga and fitness classes at some to pull in more customers.


Ru says when you get in line at the restaurant you wait about 15 minutes. You stand in front of a several ingredients and a staff members make your salad. It takes longer than some places for accuracy and customer satisfaction.


What really draws customers he says is that the serve healthy seasonal food grown locally and the prices are fairly reasonable.


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