Sweetgreen: Nathaniel Ru’s Legacy

Sweetgreen is a healthy option that is making huge headway for healthy restaurant choices. The first restaurant opened in 2007, just a year after its three co-founders graduated college. Sweetgreen features high-end salad fixings. They’re all organic, fresh, and local options. The company’s CEOs are all Georgetown University graduates who met in an entrepreneurial class. They also are all first-generation immigrants, and all of their parents opened their busiensses, so it’s in their blood.



Merging Technology with Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is groundbreaking as it is thinking like and catering to the younger generation. This franchise offers mobile and website apps to make ordering food more convenient, and it’s catching on. To date, more than 30 percent of all Sweetgreen orders are placed through their website or mobile app.



Reconnecting with Customers

Sweetgreen’s co-founder Nathaniel Ru stated that it is important that every level of this corporation is connected to its customer base. Five times a year, every corporate office shuts down, and the management teams go work in Sweetgreen for the day to reconnect with their clients and refocus on their purpose and importance to the company.



Everyone Covers Every Role

Sweetgreen’s co-founders insist that they each learn every part of the business. They said this would keep them connected to their staff and make it easier to understand any questions or concerns that might arise.



Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of three founders for Sweetgreen, a high-end salad restaurant. A graduate of Georgetown Universty, Nathaniel Ru has always had the dream of opening his own business. He, along with two other co-founders, made that dream a reality in late 2007 with the opening of Sweetgreen. He currently serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer and Director for this company. He firmly believes in connecting with his customers and coworkers. He has worked in every part of the enterprise and learned something from every part he worked in. Sweetgreen is expanding and thriving with every year and every new location that is opened. We will see good things for years to come with Sweetgreen. This enterprise will leave a legacy worth remembering.


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