Steve Ritchie on the Benefits of Team-Building

Many of Steve Ritchie’s coworkers find themselves truly amazed when they witness just how far he has come in the way of developing a sense for leading businesses. Being the present CEO of a corporation as massive as Papa John’s, it is necessary for him to know how to lead a group of people, and he has shown on a daily basis that he is more than capable of providing for his employees.

However, it has not always been so easy for Steve Ritchie to manage business so magnificently; like any skill, it was something he had to work at for many years before he was able to perfect his craft. That being said, he has certainly gone through the trials and tribulations of being a business owner, and it is clear that all of the time he has spent learning is starting to pay off. This much can be ascertained by the simple amount of success he is met with as a crucial component of a corporate entity. His colleagues can attest to the fact that he is always there on time and always willing to bring new ideas to the table.

Nothing is too far out of the box for a person like Steve Ritchie, because he is acutely aware that innovation begins with a far-fetched idea. Because of this, he wants to ensure that everyone’s voice is taken into consideration when they act as a company. In his opinion, making sure that this expectation is consistently met is necessary in building a team of employees who truly care about the work they are doing. When their own interests are vested in their work, they feel an obligation to put forth every ounce of their being into their work, and this is part of the reason they have been able to make it so far as a team over the course of the past few years.

Someone like Steve Ritchie would never accept anything less than perfection, but he is aware that from time to time, ideas start off as more of rough, abstract shapes than fully fleshed-out products. Because of this, he is always open to hearing new plans of action from his board of directors. Furthermore, he is eternally thankful to have a team of people unafraid to speak their minds about the proceedings of their business. Because he has done such a good job in creating an open atmosphere, his employees feel as though they are perfectly open to share their own unique perspective in the workplace, which has allowed the corporation to grow tremendously with Steve Ritchie running the show.

He believes in equal opportunity, and it is for this reason that he does not discredit a single associate of Papa John’s regardless of how low their position is. Many other leaders may hand down the tasks they are afraid to do themselves to lower positions within their team, but someone like Steve Ritchie would never even consider such a possibility, as he believes that doing this will only result in turning your team of employees against you in the end.

For as long as he is able, he wants to make constant innovations and progress to his company, and the best way to bring this about is by receiving a perfectly well-rounded perspective from everyone you are involved with. The open environment he instills on a daily basis is not only beneficial for the sake of opening employees up, however; it also brings them closer together. Under him, people truly work to move forward as a team rather than as individuals. Papa John’s entire business model is built upon the virtues of companionship. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

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