Squaw Valley Is Winning The Water Quality Battle In The Upper Mountain

An October 2016 rain storm may have caused problems for a number of well water supplies across California’s Placer County, but the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has recently reported it is winning the battle to restore all water supplies to their original quality levels. The rain event of October brought with it traces of the E.Coli and Coliform bacteria that was quickly found in four wells in the Upper Mountain region of the resort; the issues faced by Squaw Valley officials were quickly identified before any water was offered to visitors to avoid any illness or sickness being found in visitors to the ski slopes.


One of the major reasons for the speedy discovery of the water quality problems at Squaw Valley was the installation of an upgraded water supply system that allowed the bacteria to be identified as soon as possible. Squaw Valley officials also made the quick decision to halt the supply of water to the Upper Mountain region and report the problem to Placer County Environmental Health officials who have nor stated three of the four wells affected by the water supply issues are now free of E.Coli and show low levels of Coliform.


The commitment of Squaw Valley officials to maintain the safety and health of their visitors can be seen in the fact the management of the resort has made the decision to close all Upper Mountain restaurants until the water supply issues have been resolved; not only will restaurants in Gold Coast and High Camp remain closed, but those visitors choosing to ski the slopes from top to bottom are also being provided with complimentary bottled water until the water problems are resolved. Squaw Valley have stated in a recent statement they will continue to work with the best available water safety experts until the water issues are completely resolved.

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