Since His Youth, Nitin Khanna Dreamed Of Being A Successful Entrepreneur And He Has Achieved That Dream

Mergers and acquisitions advisory service Mergertech is a company that brings together innovative entrepreneurs from the technology sector with vital partners, both financial and strategic, that can help them to achieve their full potential. The team of professionals at Mergertech are experts in this field and have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. This allows the Mergertech team to serve its client base to the highest levels of service. At the head of this dynamic team is Mergertech Chairman of the Board and company founder Nitin Khanna. He is a businessman who was born in India and now bases his business dealings out of the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon. The career of Nitin Khanna can be characteristically described as one of consistent success over several decades. He has continued to achieve this success as the leader of Mergertech. He created the operation in 2009 and immediately began sourcing a team of highly qualified and dedicated mergers and acquisitions professionals.

It is safe to say that business and the lifestyle of the entrepreneur is a part of the very fabric of Nitin Khanna. His family has always been business-oriented and he learned much from members of the family during his early years as a child in India. Once he moved to the USA, Nitin Khanna sought out the best quality education. This led him to study at Purdue University. His course of study at the university was the field of industrial engineering. After he graduated from Purdue, he found work as a manufacturing engineer with a major producer of paper. Nitin Khanna also had a stop along his journey at the firm known as Oracle. After these initial work experiences, Nitin went on to found the software firm known as Saber Software. This firm quickly established a consistent pattern of growth. The leadership of Nitin Khanna was instrumental in helping Saber Software to grow into an employer of some 1500 individuals. He also built an impressive team alongside his brother who was his fellow co-founder. A major boost to the fortunes of Saber Software was the fact that its election management software became a hit across many election organizations across the United States. It was not long before twenty-one states adopted the software to manage their election process.

By 2007, Nitin Khanna was looking toward his next business move. This was the creation of Mergertech. He was able to use the $460 million sales price that he got from the sale of Saber Software to launch Mergertech and begin to put together an expert team of professionals.

 Nitin Khanna has also made a name for himself in the cannabis business. This is an industry that is growing quickly in the United States and becoming a major force in the economy. Nitin Khanna created a company called CuraCannabis Solutions. He has put his commitment to quality into this business endeavor and has insisted on selling only the highest quality of cannabis products. His zest for business and his endless energy

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