Sheldon Lavin Embraces Changes For Sustainability

Young entrepreneurs hope to bring new products to the market that will revolutionize their respective industries. Unfortunately, many of them fail to succeed because they just aren’t knowledgable when it comes to business or management. Education is extremely important which can include getting the advice of veterans of business like Sheldon Lavin, the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group in Chicago. The company that is headed by Sheldon Lavin is headquartered in the United States but they do a lot of business in different regions throughout the world and are always looking for new ways to expand their company. In fact, he began with the company during one of their first major expansions.

OSI Food is seen by many as a part of Chicago history when it comes to business. When the company was asked to meet the increasing demands of their clients, McDonald’s, they came up with a plan to build a high-capacity factory in the 1970s that used new freezing technologies. Sheldon Lavin was the force behind arranging the funding for this large project. The company was still going by the name of Otto & Sons when Sheldon Lavin began working with them and he followed this up by helping the company when they first decided to expand internationally so they could supply food for McDonald’s in Europe. He takes pride in the work that he has done with the company that has earned them several awards and recognitions.

Throughout all of this impressive expansion, Sheldon Lavin has paid close attention to the sustainability of their operations. The company has become known for approaching problems using innovative ways of thinking and new technology and sustainability efforts are some of the most important issues that they have addressed. The businessman and financial expert wants to decrease the impact that their operations have on the environment and they have already come a long way in making this a reality Many of the recognitions that the entrepreneur and his company have received are for the work that they have done when it comes to sustainability and he believes companies globally should embrace these developments.

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