Sergey Petrossov Changes the Structure of the Private Travel Industry, Making it More Accessible


Sergey Petrossov is one of the youngest CEOs in the world; however, he is also one of the most successful. He has made his company, JetSmarter, a success by running through an opening in the world of private jet travel at full speed. The private jet travel industry used to be a place where people would have to book a ticket on a private plane by physically calling someone and signing papers. Furthermore, there are plenty of private jet travel owners who rent out their planes to third-party entities. These entities didn’t always do a great job of filling the planes and making flights happen, leading to lots of financial losses. In order to change this industry, Sergey Petrossov started his company and called it JetSmarter.

There are many private jet owners who rely on third-parties to place pilots and attendants on their planes in addition to maintaining them and filling their seats. Sadly, these companies didn’t always do a good job. Planes were not flying nearly as many hours as they could. In addition, there were plenty of flights that weren’t anywhere close to full. Sergey Petrossov decided that he could do a better job. With his company, JetSmarter, planes are flying more than ever before. More people are flying on private jets than ever before. This has led to a fast reduction in the price of a private plane ticket. 


As the price of flying on a private jet continues to drop, Sergey Petrossov sees his company one day challenging some of the biggest names in travel. This might allow more people than ever before to fly using private jets. As a result, Sergey Petrossov and his company already represent a paradigm shift in the travel world, turning the entire industry on its head. It will be exciting to watch his company continue to grow over the next few years. 

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