Say No To Dirty Money!!! Support End Citizens United!!!

America is now witnessing a tectonic shift in its political landscape. Its citizens have now decided to fight back and drive out dirty money from politics. Elections funded by dirty money end up in throwing up governments that are puppets in the hands of the rich. These rubber-stamp governments end up passing disastrous laws that tax the working class even more and ensure transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Kudos to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for saying “NO” to corporate PAC checks!!!

Some political leaders lead by example and ever since her election in 2006, she has been transparent in her finances. And she has fought tirelessly to eradicate the corrosive effect of dirty money flowing freely into America’s electoral system. It makes America vulnerable to the designs of foreign powers leaving the American public helpless.

End Citizens United has endorsed her candidature for the senate along with seventeen other candidates who have taken similar vows to rejects checks from corporate PACs, including trade association PACs, LLCs and LLP PACs associated with law firms and other “for profit” entities.

This dirty money is basically special interest money that is aimed at formulating policies that outsource jobs increase taxes, inflating medicine prices. This increases the rich-poor divide and sows the seeds of discontent and crime in the society. The sufferers once again are the middle classes while the rich enjoy in their islands of luxury in the home country or abroad.



End Citizens United is a collective initiative by American citizens in the form of a political action committee that aims to drive out dirty money from politics and clean up the whole system. With a crowdsourced funding model supported by grassroot donors, it aims to reform the campaign finance system and overturn citizens united. Established on 1st March 2015, it supports a constitutional amendment to nullify the Supreme Court’s 2010 citizens united decision.

End Citizens United is an attempt to fight back so that the rich don’t enrich themselves at the cost of poor by shifting the balance of political power in their favor by using their financial muscle. Right now, at this very moment unlimited, untraceable amount of money is being spent on elections across the globe. And America is no exception after the 2010 Supreme Court judgement, so an amendment is needed before or after 2018 mid-term elections

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