Roseann Bennett – Co-Founder Of The Center For Assessment And Treatment


Roseann Bennet is a co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment. A charitable mental health organization in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Roseann Bennett has committed her life to aid those in need.


Roseann Bennett has an Ed. S and MA in marriage and family therapy from the prestigious Seton Hall University. She is an authorized marriage and family specialist and has a master’s accreditation from the Reach Institute in cognitive behavioral treatment. Additionally, she is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma specialist.


The Center for Treatment and Assessment is an undertaking Bennett is enthusiastic about, and it took quite a long while of diligent work and perseverance to make it do well. She and her accomplice, Dr. Todd Bennett, they focus on helping families and people get the mental health they require with or without money. As a business person and devoted person, Roseann Bennett is working extra hard to change the way mental health treatment gets seen while additionally guaranteeing that it’s available for everybody. Learn more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


With the ongoing conclusion of Mental Health Awareness Week, Bennett talks about another new project in mental health therapy known as telemedicine. The new technology innovation makes it less demanding to converse with a specialist by email, Skype or even texts. Roseann Bennett sees the benefits of telemedicine for a few individuals, she warns against it being a total substitute for live communication with a therapist. View Related Info Here.


Roseann Bennett plays a big part in the advancement of projects relevant to the different places served; she manages an adequate accounting of funds and agency budgets. She additionally coordinates, manages, and assesses all office staffs, makes staff advancement programs and gives chances for students to train. Even with this broad workload, Roseann keeps on devoting time to deal with her particular clinical caseload at the association