Roberto Santiago: The Entrepreneur Who Gave The People Of Manaira A New Center For Fun And Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is someone who has led an incredibly real career as a businessman and a notable entrepreneur. He has been the driving force behind several well known entrepreneurial projects, many of which have grown to become well-known names within their fields. The contribution that Santiago has made towards several industries has been significant, which is why he is regarded as such a well reputed professional.


One of the more prominent projects that Roberto Santiago is known for is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. This was one of the most significant projects that Roberto Santiago wanted to take on, and was something that would stem his position in Brazilian business. The plan to build a mall started ten years before the first foundations of the structure were made. As a businessman, it is always essential to think ahead and make decisions that would benefit your future. The first step that Roberto Santiago took towards this big plan was to buy a piece of land which he could use. He chose the city of Manaira to be the place where this construction would take place, which was something that proved to be a good choice. While buying the piece of land, Roberto Santiago wasn’t sure what he would use it for but knew that it would be an excellent investment to possess it. Thereon, he decided to look into different industries and see which one would be the most profitable for him.


At that time, the number of entertainment options that people had access to in Manaira was fairly limited. Families and friends didn’t have many options to choose from when it came to entertainment, and having a good time was limited to a few select locations. A mall with a host of amenities was an excellent choice for Santiago because he would be giving the people of Manaira something that they would genuinely enjoy, and something which would give them something which they could share with their loved ones. After finalizing this plan, the next few years were spent working to build the mall. Once it was opened, the Manaira Shopping Mall instantly become the destination for people to have a good time.


When building the mall, Roberto Santiago had a specific plan of action in mind which he wanted to implement. One of his main criteria was creating a place which would have something for everyone, no matter how old they were. Be it, children or senior citizens, Roberto Santiago wanted something for all. Today, the mall is home to some of the widest ranges of stores and has brands from all over the world. The mall houses plenty of eateries to satisfy taste buds and provide patrons with a memorable meal.

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