Roberto Santiago, the Designer Who Made the Award-winning Shopping Center

In Brazil, you can’t go to Paraiba, João Pessoa, without meeting the biggest shopping center of the entire state of Paraiba. The Manaira Shopping was built and planned to be situated in the Manaira neighborhood, and the success of the shopping center surprised everyone, even the creator, Roberto Santiago.


The Manaira Shopping became very quickly a touristic spot for anyone visiting the historical state of Brazil. The shopping, in contrast to the touristic places in the edges of Paraiba (very old and hold historical references to the culture of the people that lived there), is modern, with a colossal architecture, being one of the biggest shopping centers in the entire country and all of Latin America as well. The Manaira Shopping really has an easy way for newcomers to get lost in their many halls with stores and attractions.


Roberto Santiago, the entrepreneur behind the massive success of the shopping, made brilliant decisions regarding the attractions and the leisure activities that would be put in the Manaira Shopping for visitors and clients. Roberto Santiago designed an extensive area made for leisure activities, both for families, kids, and teenagers, with plenty of space for electronic games and places to eat.


The dining area is immense, with many restaurants and food brands that are not commonly seen in other shopping centers of Brazil. They also obviously have some of the core brands that you can expect from a shopping center, like McDonald’s and Burger King, but it goes way beyond the dining agenda. They have plenty of stores to match all types of tastes.


Was that not enough, Roberto Santiago is continually updating the shopping center to increase the number of stores, space, and activities for visitors to be always entertained. The sense of novelty and innovation is in every corner of the building, as Roberto Santiago incentivizes his employees to come up with new, bold ideas for their stores and restaurants.


In 2014, an enormous overhaul and revitalization took place in Manaira Shopping, as Roberto Santiago decided to increase the dining area by at least 50%, turning another area into the “Gourmet Space” that would host restaurants and brands that have a unique taste to their dishes. That, coupled with the constant addition of new things, like in 2013 when they expanded their territory, is one of the main reasons why the shopping center stays new to visitors even to this date.


Roberto Santiago already said that he is, once again, planning another expansion. Because of the success that the first two major renewals, mainly the one that took place in 2014 for the inauguration of the Gourmet space, many citizens around the Manaira neighborhood, and even in the entire Paraíba state, are very excited for future announcements.



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