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The real Estate industry has been experiencing tremendous expansion wit individuals and companies opting to engage in the business. The primary reason why most people prefer the real estate and development sector is because of the huge returns investors have been receiving from the firm.

In his bio, Todd Lubar is a real estate investor in the United States of America. It was the best industry for him to invest in because of his love for people. Mr. Todd started as a loan litigator serving at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His position in the financial institution gave him an opportunity to learn and understand the mortgage banking. The time he spent in the organization would soon be of a great significant in the future. Lubar is a go-getter, and he knew that his relationship with the right people in the industry would shape his skills and open more opportunities. Every chance he got he built his relationship with Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, CPA’s, and real estate agents.

Todd Lubar knew what he wanted, and he equipped himself with the right tools and skills. In 1999, he acquired equity with Legacy Financial Group, something that enabled him to expand his lending abilities and become a loan broker and also lend credit to mortgage bank. In 2002 he took his real estate enterprise to another level when he founded Legendary Properties LLC, which is a residential development company. Legendary Properties LLC is involved in the development of single family dwellings to twenty units’ multi- family properties. Ever since it was born the organization has been able to complete more than 70000 development projects. His business has been growing due to the devastating access to the right programs and access of resources.

Todd is passionate about the mortgage industry and in 2003; he founded Charter Funding which is an affiliate company of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Todd has a vast experience in the both Mortgage and development industry. His experience and knowledge in the industry helped him diverge to other businesses when the industry was experiencing major changes. Todd has involved in the demolition and reconstruction industry as well as the recycling of the automotive scrap metal. The business has received huge contracts from the public and the private sector.Todd has two daughters and loves spending time with them during his free time. He continues to live his dream of assisting humanity have quality life making their tomorrow better.

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