Peter Harris Emphasizes the Value of Collaboration and Cooperation

Peter Harris holds the position of Group Managing Director and overall Director at CBL Corp. He is also Managing Director and overall director at CBL Insurance, which is a subsidiary of CBL Corp. Peter Harris is a self-made man who hails from humble beginnings. He worked diligently and persisted with his school work, so he was able to attend the University of Auckland for his bachelor’s degree. Later on, because his quest for higher education was insatiable, he moved on to get his master’s degree in from the University of Auckland Business School.

This enterprising young man was able to get his feet wet in several entry level-positions, before he finally decided that he would set-up his own company, which is the CBL Corp. He started as a one man show in a small room cold calling clients to trust his insurance based company. Later on, it grew to two and from there it flourished to hundreds with several offices around the country and some even overseas. Peter Harris’ hard work and perseverance clearly paid off.

Peter Harris is very grateful to his staff for helping him grow their company and attain success with their many clients. He doesn’t operate a found driven corporate environment. Instead, Peter values his team’s input because he considers them as his partners in this endeavor. The way this visionary sees it, they attain success faster and reach more clients when they cooperate and collaborate with each other. Thus, he it is critical for him to foster a work culture where his people are free to speak out their minds and share their ideas.

In spite of his very busy career, Peter has found time to sit on the boar of 25 other companies because he also enjoys being in the company of his peers. He is on the board of European Insurance Services Ltd, the NZ Institute of Management, the CBL Group, the Assetinsure Holdings Pty Ltd, the Australian Graduate School of Management, the NZ Latin America Business council, and more. In spite of the many things going on in his plate, Peter Harris has been successful in balancing everything out.

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