Peter Briger: What You Need to Know About Him

Forty-three-year-old Peter Briger is the principal and co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He joined the company in 2002 and became a member of the Board of Directors before becoming its principal. He is a business leader whose goal is to manage assets for other companies, ensuring he leaves great results.

He is the founder of Fortress credit and real estate business that focuses on undervalued illiquid investment across various industries around the globe. This particular sector has over 500 employees and manages assets worth over $26 billion. Besides this, the company deals with credit, real estate, private equity, and permanent capital investment plans. Peter Briger works alongside Randal Nardone and Wesley Edens, who are co-founders, principals, and chief executive officers of Fortress Investment Group.

Prior to joining Fortress Group, Mr. Lionel Briger worked with Goldman Sachs for 15 years. He was vehemently involved in the operations of the company, as illustrated by the number of positions he co-headed. These positions include;

• Position of Whole Loan Sales and trading company,
• Fixed Income Principal Investments Group,
• Asian Distressed Debt company,
• Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Asia Fund LLC
• Asian Real Estate Equity business (private)

Peter Briger was involved in almost every operation of Goldman Sachs, probably because of his determination and utilization of his business management skills. He was made a partner of the group in 1996 but left and joined Fortress Group in 2002.


Briger took a bachelor’s degree in art and science from Princeton University and later joined Wharton school at the Pennsylvania University for a master’s degree in business administration.

His Achievements and Other Responsibilities

Peter Briger engages in several other foundations, all in line with art and business. They include;

• He is the establishing member of Peninsula Arts Guild
• A delegate for investment committee for the U.S Soccer
• An associate of Council on Foreign Relations

Mr. Brigeris a team member of tipping points, a nonprofit foundation that serves underprivileged residents of San Francisco. He also serves Caliber schools, a hospital that addresses specialized surgeries, Princeton University Investment Organization, Global Funds for Children, among others.

Peter Briger is married with four kids and determined to make and leave a legacy in companies he has worked and in working in.

About Peter Briger: