Paul Mampilly: Opportunities in Blockchain and IoT

The blockchain technology is one of the revolutionary technologies of this century which is promising to bring with it numerous changes in the world. Although it is barely one decade after it emerged, the prospects of its growth are high with many industries trying to utilize it in their operation. Blockchain was introduced after the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies use this technology for security reasons. No transactions that are conducted on the platform can be altered or deleted. Different industries are trying to tap into this technology so that they can get the same kind of security for their information.

Blockchain technology could have many applications if it is used appropriately. People need to stop perceiving it as a method of trading in cryptocurrencies only and come up with brilliant ideas on how they can use it for other purposes. According to investor Paul Mampilly. One of the areas that blockchain can be used is in the protection of personal identity. He sees no need in carrying around paper documents when the information can be placed on a chip which can be embedded into the body, the information in the chip will be protected through blockchain technology meaning that no one can alter the information that is contained in the chip. Such a step can eliminate cases of identity theft completely.

Another industry that Paul Mampilly is backing is the Internet of Things. This technology trend is promising to bring numerous changes in the way we do things at a personal level and even in industrial setups. This trend will affect the whole life and introduce better ways of doing things. With all these changes, Paul Mampilly sees one thing, unlimited investment opportunities. If investors take advantage of these changes, they will land some lucrative opportunities. Technology has so much to offer, and we cannot ignore the fact that it can bring changes that will change life as we know it. For investors, Paul Mampilly insists this is the bright time to stay awake. Opportunities will be many, and it will be only a matter of picking the most promising. Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund in the Wall Street.