Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie Lays Out Concrete Plan For Change

Papa John’s Pizza following an internal scandal has announced that they have appointed the former president of the company Steve Richie in the role of CEO. Steve Ritchie before his position as President began his career in the mid-90s as an hourly wage worker in the customer service department. Later Steve would continue his relationship with Papa Johns Pizza by owning and operating his own franchise. Steve’s hard work ethic and success quickly caught the attention of corporate and as they say the rest if history.

Steve’s first few weeks as the newly appointed CEO where not filled with celebratory dinners and award ceremonies, instead he was focused on making sure that the company publicly apologized to their customers. In a hand-written letter, Steve apologizes for the offensive words spoken by a former employee, however, he quickly makes it clear that those words are not a representative of the company or its employees. Understanding that words were not going to be enough Steve lays out a series of steps that will be meant to be implemented in the upcoming months and hopefully earn back the respect of their customers and the public in general. In his list, Steve plans to hire a team of experts to audit the companies culture and hopefully have a better understanding of the situation on the ground. Additionally, Steve promises that his team along with himself will venture off into various locations to experience and speak with people first hand. Lastly, Steve Ritchie promises that going forward, Papa John’s Pizza will be a more transparent company.

This letter although for the most part given positive reviews was criticized for it being the second version of a less than a stellar letter. Although this is true, the rapid decision to quickly hand-write a letter of apology by Steve spoke volumes about his willingness to change and hopefully lead the company in a more prosperous and respectful manner.

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