OSI Food Solutions Rising Business Fortunes In Europe

OSI Food Solutions is a leading food processing plant based in Illinois, United States. Although its headquarters are here, the operations of the company are global. Already, it has ongoing food production operations in 17 countries, and it has built 65 food production plants to meet the demand for food products.

OSI Food Solutions deal with the production of meat products although in recent years it is has ventured into other foods through the acquisitions of other companies. Sheldon Lavin is the chief operating of the company, a position he has held since the 1980s. He is the longest-serving executive in this company.

OSI Solutions makes headlines for the best reasons. Looking at the history of the company, one thing that comes out is the continuous growth that the company records. Every year, the company is involved in a project that increases the number of customers. It has taken the hand of Sheldon Lavin to keep this company with good performance throughout. He is keen on taking the company to a higher level of growth than ever seen before. He is innovative and has control of the company held tightly on her hands. Every decision made in this company has his express authority as the only director.

OSI Food Solutions has acquired various businesses in Europe to boost its performance in the region. In 2016, it acquired two companies. One of Dutch food company known as Baho Food. The other one is a UK based company called Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe was recently renamed Creative Foods to boost its performance. OSI Food Solutions made the acquisitions so that it could have a better presence in Europe. The two companies give OSI the right impetus to take over the European market. As the largest food producer in the world, it has the resources to establish stiff competition in the region.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is on the right path to growth. In recent years, it has shown every indication that it will push its market to all corners of the world. In almost every continent, they have ongoing operations. With this growth, we are likely to see more changes taking place in the way the company carries out its operations.

OSI Food has won the Globe of Honor award from the British Safety Council for maintaining good practices in its production work. The company is keen on environmental protection and food safety.

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