On Privinvest a Shipbuilding Company

What to know about Privinvest?

The shipbuilding industry is highly competitive, so in order for a company to stand out, it needs to be able to deliver an outstanding product. For more than 20 years, Privinvest has been creating innovative yachts, naval vessels, and commercial vessels. Taking into account acquired companies, Privinvest has more than 350 of accumulated experience. Privinvest employees about 2500 people around the world, and the company has delivered in excess of 1600 vessels internationally. The world’s most private and secure companies trust Privinvest with their shipbuilding. More than 40 navies around the world along with NATO countries and allies in the Middle East contract with this innovative shipbuilding company.

More on Privinvest

Privinvest has an outstanding reputation when it comes to the workmanship of their vessels and the quality of the materials that are used on their builds. Privinvest vehicles have a history of outstanding performance and innovation. Apart from fabulously built vessels, Privinvest also offers logistics and training support, repair and overhaul of vessels and yachts, Hydrokinetic turbines for ocean renewable energy, and renewable energy platform assembly.

The Founder of Privinvest

Iskandar Safa founded Privinvest along with his brother more than 20 years ago. Safa was born in 1955; he was raised in Beirut amongst civil unrest. Even though Safa’s life was disrupted due to the civil war, his parents were determined to see their children succeed. Safa graduated from the American University in Beirut where he got his Civil engineering degree. He later obtained his MBA from the European Institute of Business Administration. Safa started working in his family’s business. He and his brother later went on to invest in an old shipbuilding company in France. The company was revitalized, and Safa and his brother then went on to acquire the company that is now Privinvest. Through experience, hard work and dedication. Iskandar Saga has created a company that has revolutionized the shipbuilding industry.


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