Nitin Khanna Continues To Inspire Through His Endless Enthusiasm For Entrepreneurship

Advisory services within the mergers and acquisitions realm is what Nitin Khanna is probably best known for as a professional entrepreneur. He is the CEO and the founder of Mergertech, a company that is known for finding outstanding strategic partners and financial partners for companies that operate within the tech sector. The firm’s expert team was assembled by Nitin Khanna and he continues to energetically head the firm after a decade of operations. It was in 2009 that Nitin founded Mergertech. This came shortly after his $460 million sale of his previous firm Saber Software. He founded that organization in 1999 and had built it into a highly profitable organization worth hundreds of millions by 2007. These are just a few of the accomplishments that have been characteristic of the career of Nitin Khanna and it is a career that goes back to the early nineties. The truth is, the success that Nitin has enjoyed goes back to his early days as a youth.

Nitin Khanna spent the early portion of his life in India. He is the product of a family that has always been heavily involved in business ventures and the entrepreneurial nature of his family made a powerful impact that has stayed with Nitin over the decades. His spirit of entrepreneurship traveled with him when he headed to the United States at 17 and pursued his college studies at Purdue. At Purdue, Nitin Khanna took up a major in the industrial engineering field. He excelled in his studies and soon landed a job working in the paper industry as a manufacturing engineer. The next step along the way for Nitin Khanna saw him land at Oracle where he was employed from 1994 to 1998. It was shortly after his departure from Oracle that Nitin Khanna and his brother devised a strong business plan for a new software company called Saber Software.

Saber Software went from being a software startup to a major player in the industry in just a few short years thanks to the careful guidance and innovative spirit that was provided by Nitin Khanna. The firm developed some revolutionary election management software that quickly became the standard across much of the USA as twenty-one states soon adopted the programming in the wake of a government mandate to modernize the election process. This ended up being a major break for Nitin Khanna and his Saber Software team. It was the impressive growth rate of the firm that allowed him to sell for $460 million in 2007 and then move toward the creation of Mergertech in 2009.

One thing that has rung true for Nitin Khanna across the board is the fact that he has achieved success with each endeavor he has pursued. Another major business endeavor that he has engaged in was the founding of CuraCannabis Solutions. The cannabis solutions firm has enjoyed success since Nitin created it and his work as the firm’s first CEO helped to put it on the right track from day one.

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