Nitin Khanna: Always an Entrepreneur

When looking at Nitin Khanna’s story one must wonder how did this man rise as an entrepreneur and start a successful software company. Well, it all started when he was born in Himachal Pradesh, India watching his family work. Besides his dad who was in the army, his whole family was in the entrepreneurial business. They had businesses ranging from motorcycle part plans to studio and shooting plans and much more. Years later he moved to the US and got his undergraduate and master’s degrees in industrial engineering from Purdue. After his brother came to the US in 1999, they both decided to start a business together.

Together with his brother, Nitin Khanna started a software company called Saber software in 1999. This company grew rapidly as the federal government passed a law called the Help America Vote Act, which stated that every state must update its election systems. Luckily for Nitin Khanna, his company was already doing a lot of work in Oregon and managed to create a software for the election. Later on, his election software expanded to more than 20 states. Since his company was so successful for the election software, Nitin Khanna also branched off into other aspects of having the people connect with the government. He did work with child support, DMV systems, child care and much more.

Later down the line, Khanna sold Saber and began a passion for investing in start-up companies in Portland to increase their success rates as much as possible. And so in 2009, the notion of MergerTech began. Khanna wanted to make a company centered on mobile tech and also to help entrepreneurs who had already created mobile companies expand their companies. Having MergeTech coming out as such a success, Nitin Khanna saw another business opportunity that he could not pass up. And that business opportunity was none other than the cannabis industry. After cannabis became legal in 2012 in a certain state, Khanna quickly became an early investor. After investing in the company Cura Cannabis, Khanna quickly rose in the ranks and became CEO. And so, today Cura Cannabis is known as the largest cannabis company in the world. During the years of owning companies, Nitin Khanna believes that one must self evaluate themselves and see if they are cut-out for the entrepreneurial world. If you think that you can handle the ups and the stressful downs of a company then go for it. If not, then find something that really showcases your skills.

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