Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Train Employees To Succeed

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts focus on providing a positive corporate atmosphere, through excellent customer service. They believe that people are the most important investment. This company provides solutions to companies, that want to outsource some of their work. They offer nearshore outsourcing, that allows companies to remain active in their outsourced business activities on a daily basis.

The company formed in 2014 provides several different services, that help companies succeed. They have customer service, telemarketing, sales, marketing, billing, and promotions. The company provides email support, tech support IT services, and live chats. Their commitment to quality customer service allows companies to focus on other tasks. This gives customers and clients confidence in the companies that they deal with.

NICE trains all their employees with comprehensive programs, and it provides ongoing training regularly. They ensure all their employees are confident in their ability to do their job. New employees cannot advance, unless, they learn all aspect of the job. Before receiving calls, employees are trained with scripts, and they are taught how to handle customers.

They receive sales and technical training, calls are monitored for quality assurance, and they spend time rehearsing live call before taking them. Employees learn about new trends, and the company focuses retaining employees. They let senior employees train new employees with Train the Trainer program.

Employees learn about the responsibilities of other employees and departments. Cross training shows that all employee are important to the functioning of the company. They provide senior employees with ongoing training. The company measures employee performance with metrics and employees are rewarded accordingly.

Paul Herdsman co-founder and COO of Nearshore Inbound Call Experts has many years of experience in consumer software and acquisitions online. He says not wasting time is a big reason for his success. But being busy does not equal productivity he concluded. When he listens to new ideas, he has the ability to be skeptical and ask the right questions.

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