Mike Heiligenstein: Texan Transportation Management Extraordinaire

Are you in need of advice of how to reduce and manage traffic flow on city streets and highways? Have you ever heard of the superb and marvelous Mike Heiligenstein from Austin, Texan? Well he is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority in the greater part of Austin in wonderful Texas. The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority is an independent government agency, which was started in 2002 to effectively improve the transportation street system in Travis and Williamson Counties. Recently, Viewpoints editorial stated that traffic congestion will dramatically increase in the incoming years. A solution is needed in order to fix the inevitable of having a huge amount of traffic on city streets and highways.


Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority have step in to come up with proper solutions. One solution that they will try to implement is the creation of the MoPac Express Lanes, which will give drivers an alternate path to getting to and from work. They want to make sure that tolling rates are low enough so that people would not be afraid to utilize them, which then can smooth congestion in city streets and highways. Another solution would be to give incentives to passengers who car pool to and from work. For example, having the toll waived at certain points, depending on how many people are in the automobile. If there are two people, then half of the toll will be waived. But, if the automobile is entirely full, then the entire toll will be free for using the MoPac Express Lanes.


Now on to Heiligenstein, as we know is the Executive Director for the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority. First, he is grateful for his education, which aided him to acquire that specific job position in the company. Heiligenstein attended the University of Texas at Austin for his Bachelor of Science in Government. He was always a studious and persistent student when it came to his studies. Heiligenstein always made sure to participate in class discussions and give many presentations in front of an audience, which would catapult his confidence and acquire certain skills that would later help him in the future.


Heiligenstein decided to continue his education because he knew that education was needed in order to acquire the type of rewarding job that he wishes to have. At the same university, Heiligenstein decided to obtain his Masters of Science in Government and would make him more versatile in job opportunities that he can grab. Even with his graduate studies, he always asked questions when he was confused or simply lost on the class material. He became the City Councilman City of Round Rock for 7 years from 1980-1987. After that, he became the County Commissioner for Williamson County for 14 years from 1989-2003. Finally, in 2002, Heiligenstein became the Executive Director for the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority, which became his proudest moment in his life.


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