LocationSmart Provides Critical Element of Online Commerce, Connectivity

The average person in America is using more than six connected devices daily, from smartphones and GPS units to fitness bands and computer tablets. They use these gadgets for a lot more than chatting with each other and surfing the internet. They employ them frequently to purchase the products and services they need and to simply obtain the things they want.


That means that business owners selling services to millions of connected users cannot afford to ignore this major access node because it put them in direct contact with customers like no other time in history. People no longer “run down to the store” when they want to buy something. They reach for their smartphone or log onto a mobile computer pad.


All of these online transactions don’t “just happen.” Many issues are involved, including security, payment modes, ID verification rules compliance and more. Streamlining the multiple forms of online activity would be impossible without LaaS – Location as a Service. This is the overarching term that describes the handling of the many functions involved with connected commerce.


One of the world’s best-known providers of LaaS is LocationSmart, a California-based firm that has been a pioneer in making online transactions possible in a secure and efficient way from any location. LocationSmart maintains an unparalleled API platform leveraging a super secure, multi-sourced cloud-based approach. LocationSmart is the most comprehensive provider of its kind in the online communication sector. It has on been on the frontline of this technology since 1995.


User ID and location verification is a critical element of LaaS. It makes things like online gaming possible. It also helps sellers of lottery tickets and other gaming applications compliant with the rules, laws and regulations that govern such functions.


LocationSmart and the LaaS platform is also key in preventing the pervasive problem of piracy. Piracy protection is especially valued by the film, video and music industry, but many business models operate with proprietary data and technology they are eager to protect from hackers and cybercriminals. Online attacks can be mitigated through automatic detection of suspicious activity thanks to real-time IP geolocation which helps restrict access from locations of dubious origin or unauthorized proxy agents.


The most exciting thing about LaaS and the IP geolocation service provided by LocationSmart are the almost unlimited proactive ways they can be leveraged to increase business efficiency, bolster profits and expand customer bases.


Business owners can use connected devices to make frequent contact with their captured markets. They can send notices of special sales, issue newsletters, educate customers and build their brand identity. Connected ability also helps businesses troubleshoot problems for customers in real-time and make their experience and contact with the company an enjoyable experience.


LocationSmart assists network managers and traffic supervisors avoid use of cookies, down select burdensome privacy disclosures and other such invasive practices.


One of the greatest used of IP geolocation and LaaS is the management of fleet operations, such as trucking firms and taxi services. It helps owners plan the shortest routes, provide roadside assistance and reduce the number of vehicles required to complete the daily mission of the company.


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