Josh Smith and Others See Pink When it Comes to Going Green

Greenhouses are seeing a new color when it comes to temperature control. Surprisingly enough it’s pink. Pink glass helps to create the solar electricity needed to control the temperature from the roof. The University of California-Santa Cruz has released their research involving panels dyed with magenta to make them pink and the study has seen success. The pink dye in the panels keeps some of green and blue light wavelengths from getting through while allowing red light ones to get through. This helps with photosynthesis and helps the plants grow. This is a game changer because it cuts down on the amount of energy used to heat and light up the greenhouses with current methods.

While the pink glass is now just in the preliminary stages of development and requires more research to see if it would work long term, it’s one of many ideas out there to improve the use of greenhouses and make it easier. These are the kind of things visionaries like Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada, and others like him see for a greener future. Using innovative thinking to tweak just a few things to help their efforts work more efficiently is what makes his company, Modular Greenhouses, and others like it so successful.

Josh Smith had fifteen years of start-up experience in Reno, Nevada, among other places before starting Modular Greenhouses. His main passion is to raise awareness of the dangers of junk food during a child’s developmental years and wants to change this problem. Using greenhouses to grow healthy food and finding ways to do so in a less expensive way which will use less energy is his and many others main dream for the industry. Josh Smith and those like him will pave the way for better and more effective greenhouses and help others get on board for this safe and effective way of growing food.

Smith serves as the CEO of Modular Greenhouses based in Reno, Nevada. Mr. Smith has a plan in which he feels will make Modular Greenhouses a leader within the Sustainable food production industry by early 2020. Previously, Joshua Smith was responsible for launching numerous startups where he incorporated health and wellness strategies to ensure his employees and their products produced exceptional results.

The design of the Modular Greenhouse product along with accurate temperature control is what makes Modular Greenhouses unique. Joshua Smith personally assisted with the construction of the company’s Beta One and Beta Two greenhouse models. The models took great concentration as well as skill in order to create. It seems the end result is paying off nicely.