Jonathan Cornelissen and DataCamp

Jonathan Cornelissen is a prominent entrepreneur and angel investor. He works on education, data science and blockchain technology. He was the DataCamp companies’ first CEO that grew the company to 4 million students from July 2013 to the present. Data camp prepares their students to become data scientists. Data Camp’s lessons are phrased in small bites so that you can learn in a way that suits your schedule, on any kind of device (Youtube). 


DataCamp is a critically acclaimed platform that helps students become a data scientist. The courses combine short expert videos with hands-on-the-keyboard exercises. DataCamp is supposed to help those who want to become fluent by building an intense data science platform. Data analysis is a field that will grow as large as impact software engineering, and computer science did in the last 20 years. Cornelissen believes in private education not being treated by governments as though it was a problem. He knows that a CEO is not a popular person in these times. He recommends 5 best business books for new CEOs. 


The Hard About Hard Things is a business book that is honest about the difficulty new CEOs face about running a company. Data Camp was started as a website similar to Khan Academy as a way of trying to fix the data scientist shortage. Traditional educational environments cannot necessarily train enough people, so Jonathan Cornelissen through Data Camp is attempting to reach as many people as possible using the Internet. is another company similar to Data Camp because it proves that there can be a focus on continuing education that users take seriously. Jonathan Cornelissen feels that there are skill gaps at multiple levels that range from people who work with data on a regular basis, to those with enough knowledge who can build their own courses through the Data Camp royalty model that is provided. 

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