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James River Capital CorpLooking for more ways to develop your leadership skills at work? Many times, employees who want to attain new leadership roles at their jobs have a good idea of what they want to do – but what they really need to practice is the connections they make with everyone around them, peers and supervisors alike. James River Capital has provided a guide on learning how to influence others at work in meaningful ways. While you can read the full guide from Paul Sanders here, we’re going over a few of the main tips below:


  • Listen to others actively: Listening is a skill that improves with practice – and it pays a lot of dividends when practiced in the workplace. When you listen to someone, you both gain better knowledge of their situation and the work they do, which is very helpful. You also make them feel valued and important, and they’ll be more likely to talk to you in the future.
  • Volunteer for what you do well: When starting a new project or tackling another job, start looking for new types of work you can openly volunteer for. Make sure these are in your wheelhouse and that you are confident you can do a good job, but then map out your solution and offer it to the group as a whole. Yes, this can mean extra work – but it’s also one of the best signs that you are ready for more responsibilities. Don’t make this competitive or attention-seeking, but rather focus on what you can excel at and take charge of it.
  • Take care of your own bad habits: Do you tend to be late to meetings? Maybe you’re a little too sarcastic with your answers, or your professional outfits are getting a little sloppy? To develop great leadership skills and influence others, it’s important to understand your own foibles and address them. Look for your weak points and actively work to fix them! This will both impress those around you and help you demonstrate more clear leadership qualities (and appearances) on the job.
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