James Reese and TigerSwan Create Serious Business

James Reese has spent his time in the military, and in fact, retired out of the Delta Forces. He has made tours of Afghanistan, as well as other dangerous areas. Mr. Reese is no stranger to fatigue or working hard, so when he and his now business partner discussed opening up a security service, he was all in. Out of that collaboration came TigerSwan, which is based in the United States but because of their dedication, now services areas around the world.

TigerSwan is in the business of providing protection. That protection can come in a variety of ways. Some people may want individual aid, while groups may require a full spectrum of help. TigerSwan can work in all types of environments. James Reese has worked in all kinds of regions himself, so working in any climate or condition is not an issue for TigerSwan.

james reese tigerswanJames Reese hires many veterans to work at TigerSwan, and he has found that it can be a balancing act. He has commented that is is somewhat like military practice because he knows what the military people are capable of, but in this situation, TigerSwan is responsible for them, not the US government. James Reese also hires outside the armed forces to help staff TigerSwan in many areas.

TigerSwan has caused James Reese many sleepless nights. Being a new business owner can be trying, and Mr. Reese takes success very seriously. TigerSwan is like his family, and he aims to protect it and provide it whatever it needs to thrive. We can thank the Delta Forces for instilling in James Reese confidence and leadership. He has proven he can take the skills he has patiently developed over a lifetime of service and shifted them to a service orientated company.

TigerSwan is stationed in North Caroline and has the support of the disabled veterans’ network. James Reese has spent over 20 years in the service and was discharged with disabilities. These factors did not stop him from pursuing more challenges in life. TigerSwan, the employees, and the people they serve are now the new issues that he can focus his energy and leadership skills on.

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