Jack Plotkin

JACK PLOTKIN HARVARDDriven to succeed in several industries, Jack Plotkin is one of a rare breed of businessmen.  His understanding of technology and its relationship to business have created a professional with unique insight.  This was not always the case.  While he had worked hard to build a successful business career, it took a profound illness to drive his to change some of his core philosophies. 

Developing Strategies for Business

Throughout a two-decade long career, Mr. Plotkin has worked to fully leverage the ability of technology to change the way that businesses operate.  When he became ill, he developed a concept that he called ‘No Out’.  He applied this to this to his life by beginning to change his concept of a healthy lifestyle.  Even though he was tired and worn out by life, he changed his diet and began working out.  Daily trips to the gym and the adoption of a vegan diet changed his level of energy and perspective.  He realized that his past failures at getting fit were because the demands of work sometimes got in the way.  Thoughts such as ‘I’m just having one cookie’ or ‘I’m just missing one workout’ seemed to be minor in the grand scope of things.  Until he realized that they were not.

A Change in Perception

With a background in economics and computer science, he embraced this new concept of ‘No Outs’ with gusto.  While he had successfully consulted with a more than 100 Fortune 100 companies through his investment advisory company, Cardinal Solutions, he knew that there was more.  He turned his talents and insight to reshaping the healthcare industry.


Moving into Telehealth

Realizing that the telehealth industry had its limitations, he sought to apply his knowledge of technological solutions to improve the service delivery options for telehealth agencies.  This has resulted in removing many of the barriers to service that patients have experienced in the past allowing them to work more closely with physicians and healthcare providers.  Mr. Plotkin is a leading force for positive change. 

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