Isabel Dos Santos: A Woman Of Many Accomplishments

Isabel Dos Santos has the mindset, abilities and desire to run a successful organization. She has grown up in an arena of big business and successful ventures. As a businesswoman, she has held many positions in many different industries. Her titles and positions range from executive, motivational speaker, philanthropist, company founder and company leader. Isabel dos Santos holds all of these titles dear to her. All of these titles express her true love and dedication to giving to others and running successful companies. Her business leadership skills have shown in industries like hospitality, health, construction and technology.


Isabel Dos Santos is well experienced and has spent her life travelling and living around the globe. Being a frequent traveler has altered her perspective on what it is to be a boss and to run an empire. Her range of leadership capabilities have birthed numerous enterprises that she is extremely proud of. Being from Africa, her companies have helped the entire continent prosper (BBC).


People view this continent differently because of her works to create the narrative that Africa like the rest of the world can create outstanding companies in challenging industries like technology. To Africa, Isabel Dos Santos has brought attention to money management, issues that span across the globe and ways the continent can be innovative.


Isabel Dos Santos is from Angola, she has spent her life and career dedicated to her home country. Although Angola is where her roots are planted, she has spent time outside of the country. She began her education in England. Studying abroad led her to understand how other nations operate. She was able to understand international affairs and business on a different level. Isabel Dos Santos went to school at King’s College. Electrical engineering was her choice of major. Electrical engineering taught her everything she knows today about innovation, science and technology.


Isabel Dos Santos is an incredible businesswoman who has traveled the world, studied abroad and created great companies. She uses her life experiences to be a teacher to others. She is a mentor to many people who look to her for guidance and advice.Ā 

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