InnovaCare’s Talented Administration Team

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative staff at InnovaCare Health. She joined the firm for the second time in June 2015 after having worked there previously as a chief operating officer and the vice president of the clinical operations department. Penelope’s work ethic and passion for living life to the fullest started out in her teenage years. Instead of working for restaurants as a waiter or undertaking other typical job handouts for high school students, Penelope served as a receptionist for a doctor whose office hours in the afternoon. She later worked the floor on Saks Fifth Avenue’s main store in Manhattan and began her journey in networking. Her amicable relations with customers afforded a revenue generating channel for her family when she met a person who employed her mother as a seamstress for twenty years.

Decades after her first steps in the workforce, Penelope still displays a remarkable drive in her daily endeavors and long term goal manifestation strategies. She often takes flight hours to conduct meetings for the company and states that she tries to use her flight hours to finish up pending duties. Penelope attributes the successful execution of all her tasks to the cooperative team that jointly brings together irrefutable effort.When Penelope joined InnovaCare, the chief executive officer of the organization Rick Shinto commented that the team had gained an expert who would greatly advance their mission. He noted Penelope’s experience with managing Medicare and Medicaid programs, which are the core services offered by InnovaCare Health.

Rick Shinto has an equally rich work and educational background as the top administration staff at InnovaCare. He has worked as a chief executive officer and president of several firms such as Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management, and Aveta Incorporation. In 2011, InnovaCare received an NSQA award for its growth in the health care platform, marking the effort of Rick Shinto as a leader. Rick received an Ernst & Young award in 2012 for his administration know-how in the firm and commented that the award was reflective of the entire firm’s staff.In 2016, InnovaCare joined the LAN Data Collection Effort campaign to reform their payment model. Rick Shinto stated that InnovaCare’s biggest growth always arises from taking care of customer concerns. He explained that reforming the payment system will make affordable health care packages to subscribers in all its operational regions in North America and Puerto Rico. InnovaCare is currently the biggest provider of Medicaid and Medicare and plans to offer quality packages consistently.