How to Improve Mental Agility

Go sit one day in an airport, a bus terminal, the train station or any other public space. Take note of all the 70 and 80 year olds running to get somewhere. They are in great shape. Do they do exercise, watch their diet and take vitamins? Probably!

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The point is they are happy, fulfilled and feel fit. These are called the super-seniors and they serve to remind us that the human body is a powerful thing. Research shows us that physical exercise and good nutrition are important, but dietary supplements like Prevagen can also help.

Prevagen is a supplement that helps the brain. If your brain is fit, you feel like going out and getting that exercise, going on that trip, reading that book. This is the stuff of life.

What Is Prevagen?

It is an oral supplement that has had some clinical testing and is shown to help with memory loss associated with aging. Here is the evidence that shows Prevagen can help improve memory, get those brain cells oxygenated and help you or your loved one feel better.

In a placebo controlled study, Prevagen was shown to improve certain areas of cognitive function when it is used for a three month period. We must remember that natural supplements take time to work. They are not an instant fix.

In a clinical trial adults with age-related cognitive impairment taking one Prevagen a day for the three month period improved certain aspects of their memory.

These studies show that Prevagen supports healthy brain function, create a sharper mind and help clear out the clouds, making clear thinking easier.

Prevagen is made of apoaequorin an ingredient found in jellyfish. It is a totally natural substance where experts believe the ingredient links with the calcium in the brain to create the nutrients the brain needs. People who take Prevagen are inspired to follow better fitness routines, get more active and prepare for study related activities.

Get Fit

Many people ask us what else they can do to improve their brains, other than taking the supplement. The answer is exercise. The hippocampus is the area of the brain that responds to aerobic exercise.

Studies involving children, adults and older people show that this brain region grows when people exercise. This is important because the hippocampus is the basis of the brain’s memory area. Small spurts of activity as in walking or cycling can improve memory function.

Cognitive Decline

Workouts are good for cognitive preservation and just require 10 to 15 minutes of walking three times a week. Exercises improve balance, agility and coordination. Studies also find that for elderly people dancing can improve the brain function.

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Activity Needs to Be A Priority

You want to plan for a little bit of activity every day. Make it a social event. Go to a yoga class, a dance class or simply go out for a quick walk around a few blocks.

But exercise alone can’t improve brain function, you also need to add a good supplement like Prevagen to improve and maintain mental agility.

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