How Serge Belamant Helped To Shape Cryptocurrency

The tech world has had quite a few prominent names over the past few years, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, who both became well-known for their impact in respective niches. One name that hasn’t been so well-known, however, has been that of Serge Belamant, who arguably had just as much an impact in the sphere, although in a different area; namely, blockchain technology. Belamant first started growing his reputation in certain circles when he founded Net1 UEPS Technologies, which subsequently began working with a few financial institutions to help improve the safety and reliability of their credit card technology.

Once the firm finished with this innovation, it was contracted by the South African government to figure out a way to disburse social security payment across the country, which was quite a large undertaking. However, Serge Belamant and the team at Net1 were able to create a significant amount of technology that would help to distribute these funds reliably and quickly. This led to Serge Belamant to have a sudden realization; by combining the technologies that the company had created for both the South African government and the financial firms that he worked on, he could implement it in a few different areas.

This would make Serge Belamant one of the patent holders of the technology that would form the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. While many people may believe that these online currencies can lead to a significant amount of disruption in industries across the world, many others have suggested that the technology behind it may prove to be even more disruptive. This is because it can offer many more applications than just in the financial world. Serge Belamant has suggested that it can be used in the likes of supply chain management and much more.

This has primarily been because it can help to reduce the overall time that’s needed in many forms of labor-intensive businesses. This can reduce the costs of such activities, while also helping to increase security and reliability with transactions, especially when it comes to the national, or even global, economy.

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