How Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Connect During the Holidays

In a video titled “Securus Family Communication During Xmas,” the viewer sees a man who is talking to his son on Christmas morning. The two are talking through a video camera, so the viewer of the video can see a man in prison, and he or she sees the man’s child, who is at his home. While the two of them are talking, the boy starts opening his Christmas presents. Although the man is incarcerated, and the child is at home, they still get to share Christmas together through the Securus Video Visitation feed.


What this video is ultimately about is how families can stay connected, even though one of them is incarcerated. This is more at the benefit of the child who gets to see his father on Christmas morning, because although his father might have done something wrong to put himself in the position of being incarcerated, it was in no way at the fault of the child. What Securus Technologies brings to American families, is an experience, rather than a product.


Securus Technologies is a company that is headquarters in Dallas Texas, and they specialize in communications between inmates and their friends or families. Due to circumstances that are unique to each situation, it is hard for prisoners to see their families for visits. Securus Video Visitation brings everyone together, through an application found in the Google Play Store or Apple Store, and people can set up appointments with their loved ones who are incarcerated. This assists with prisons themselves, because setting up visits can be costly. The visitors do not have to go through security checks to get inside the prisons, and it saves on travel times.



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  1. It might be especially hard to bring children to the prison to see someone, because it might scare them, and with a Securus Video Visitation, it will make the children feel much more comfortable. To write cousersework is not the big deal but to get it pas these children is.

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