How Norka Luque is Inspiring the World Through Music

If you’ve ever suffered a life-threatening crisis and God gave you another chance, then you’ll understand why Norka Luque is grateful to be alive today. Norka, a U.S-based Venezuelan singer, oozes nothing but positive energy through her music. As a child, Norka knew she wanted to be a singer, and since then, she has never looked back. Norka’s story is both inspirational and motivational.


Early Life, Education, and Working with Producer Emilio Estefan

When Norka was growing up, her parents were her greatest supporters; they encouraged her to pursue what she loves. In fact, they paid for her ballet, piano, and vocal classes while she was still in school. She later went to France for her Business Administration, Marketing, Fashion, and culinary arts degree.

Norka was singing in a band and the experience threw her to the international music platform. Later on, she met with Emilio Estefan, her producer who found her music interesting and inspiring. Emilio soon signed her, and they’ve been working together ever since.

Norka attributes her success in the music producer to Emilio who she says plays a crucial part in ensuring she stays relevant. For her, everything provides an opportunity to learn new things and take on new challenges. Norka wants to impact the world through her music; she believes music can inspire us to be better. She speaks from experience as she too has a life-threatening crisis that almost cost her life and music. It is through music that she found the motivation to stay on and fight the crisis.


The Team Behind Norka’s Success

It has taken the support and dedication of a passionate team for Norka to be where she is today. Emilio Estefan, her producer together with her composer Hermanos Gait├ín, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo work hard to ensure Norka’s music remains relevant. When she released her latest song Milagro, this is the team that worked tirelessly make it happen. Right now, Norka together with El Cata are promoting the song.


Spreading Love Through Music

As a singer, Norka believes she has a duty to impact the world positively and so should all musicians. Music appeals to the heart and soul; hence, it should carry a positive message regardless of the genre. Norka is grateful that she is still alive to bring about change and share love messages all through her music.

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  1. Milagro is a rich song combining various sounds from the Caribbean, reggae, and Mediterranean traces. The song is a popular hit in her home country Venezuela, United States, and Puerto Rico. It is actually the only way for to come and become what they want to be.

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