How Alex Pall Became Apart Of The Chainsmokers

The radios everywhere can be heard boasting the tracks of Roses, Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. The two talented men behind these songs did not create these fun songs just for their feel good vibes but from hearts of passion and ultimate love for making music that makes people happy.

Establishing one’s identity is key to succeeding in the music business. More so than an identify, is established a sound that an audience can relate to. The Chainsmokers have achieved both. They have been able to stem from a few beats made in a New York City apartment to chart topping artists.

As their audience evolves and grows, The Chainsmokers will always keep the same level of authenticity that throttled them to fame and success initially. The two place a lot of significance on weaving their true selves into every lyric and beat of their music. Intimacy is key to forming authenticity and a unique identity. The pop genre cam be so empty and lack emotion but Alex Pall and his bandmate have discovered the formula to creating success. They are apart of every step of the process that is required for them to create their music. This allowed the two djs to be thought of and respected as authentic artists.

Alex Pall and his bandmate Drew Taggart created The Chainsmokers after being introduced by a music manager. This manager actually ended up managing the group later on as well. But once these two met, they were able to connect and vibe off of each other. The began to create music soon after meeting. They were so dedicated to creating music that Alex quit his art gallery job and Drew moved from Maine to New York City full time.

Now the group of dj’s are focused on expanding and making more music. At the core 0f their musical creations is emotion, thought and passion. What fuels them is their humble and hard work beginnings as rookie dj’s. Fans everywhere can thank these two talents for filling a gap that has been long overdue for needing to be filled.